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Video Marketing Agency. Grow revenue 40% faster with our Video Marketing Services India.

93% of businesses online acquire customers with videos on social media. Improve your online presence globally with Video Marketing Agency Services In India.

Video Marketing Agency. Grow revenue 40% faster with our Video Marketing Services India.

93% of businesses online acquire customers with videos on social media. Improve your online presence globally with Video Marketing Agency Services In India.

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Types of Video Production Services We Offer

Explainer Video

This type of video promotes a company's profile, product, mission and services to a specific audience. The goal of creating explainer videos for any brand or association is to promote their services and brands on social media.

Corporate Video

Corporate videos are produced by a firm, corporation, organisation, brand, or association. For internal and external corporate messages, it includes all video communications. A typical corporate video features management interviews or information on the company's services, products, customer segments, and working strategies.

Product Demo Video

A product demo video shows users a sneak-peek of your product or service strongly and excitingly. This type of video crafting helps you show comprehension. This will assist you to overcome the constraints and give a full review of the product's benefits.

Event launch Video

The launch video is defined as a video that effectively introduces a new product or event so that the audience fully grasps the notion. A unique and new debut video can draw people to your introduction, increasing website interaction and promoting your event or product to your target demographic.

Expert Interview Video

Expert Interview is how persons with exceptional skills generate significant results through their actions, responsibilities, and obligations inside an organisation. This is a sort of interview that can be done one-on-one or in a large group. It can be formal or informal and conducted by phone or in person. Interview films are one of the most adaptable video formats for anyone who wishes to improve their interview skills. Interviews are the most proper technique to reach one person or a group.

Animation Video

You may be left behind in this fast-paced world if you don't have good customer appreciation. To make your website entertaining and increase traffic, you should use the current market trend, animated videos. Animated video marketing services can boost a company's worth and appeal. Eliminating text and image marketing is the old version. Today it should fail. No one has the time or interest to read about products and services, but animated movies are an excellent method to increase website traffic.

The Advantages Of Our Video Marketing Services

  • Reaching potential customers in the least time frame
  • Increased traffic engagement
  • Increase Conversion Rates
  • Enhanced sales conversion
  • Builds Customer Trust
  • Better promotion of company brand
  • Better exposure of the overall business
  • Better ranking results of your website

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Stunning, Award-Winning Videos That Thrive

Video marketing is a way to use promotional programmes to promote a company or brand. This broadcast is uploaded and may live stream from different social media sites to make the brand popular among its targeted audience.

Video Marketing Services: The Express Marketing Approach

Any content strategy can benefit from using brand videos. Customers will be impressed by your company's knowledge and experience, and your brand's message will be communicated. Our in-house video marketing experts at The Express Marketing can help you develop video marketing campaigns, create instructional and promotional video content, and then use social media, YouTube, and other distribution platforms to get your films in front of the right people.

Video Marketing Statistics Shows True ROI

Watching, sharing, and embedding videos on your website or blog have never been easier. It may be used on any device, whether a desktop computer, a smartphone, tablet, at work or home. Visually appealing and highly engaging, it is capable of conveying complex information. The fact that 91% of marketers use video as a cornerstone in their campaigns can partly be attributed to its adaptability. The ROI is self-evident:

• Ninety-five per cent of companies claim that video aids customers in better understanding what they have to offer.
• More than eighty-seven per cent of online marketer’s credit video for boosting their traffic.
• Almost three-quarters of marketers claim that video has helped generate leads.
• Eighty-nine per cent of marketers say that video has a positive return on investment.
• As many as 55% of shoppers admit to watching videos in-store.
• Most video marketers aim to continue or grow their investment in video.

Because video is the most efficient and effective way to transmit messages, illustrate complicated ideas, persuade stakeholders and bring your brand to life, Express Marketing uses video at every point of the sales funnel.